About Josie Kallo

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Writing has been my favorite pastime since before I could actually write–the first story I ever “wrote” was a picture book done in squiggling crayon, and I remember promising my father I’d remember what it said (I don’t).


Since then, I’ve learned to actually make letters, and to string those letters into sentences, paragraphs, and whole novels. I love to craft unique worlds and populate them with interesting, engaging, and dynamic characters. Though I write in a variety of genres, I am most comfortable and interested in Speculative Fiction as a way to explore what our world is now, and what it could someday be. You can find a collection of my published short stories here.


As a bisexual trans woman, I have a passion for queer representation in media and literature — going so far as to consider myself an author of specifically Queer SFF. In addition, however, I strive to create equitable and diverse stories written and edited with an Anti-Racist lens in order to critically examine how the my internalized biases influence my fiction and my perspective on the world. I am continuously growing as an author and as a person, and welcome any and all constructive criticism as learning opportunities.


With my specific passion for queer fiction, I have quite a lot of opinions on how to write respectful and authentic queer characters. These opinions are lovingly cultivated and gathered on my writing blog, Queering the Narrative, where I discuss the nuances of writing various LGBTQIA+ identities for folx who may not necessarily hold those identities themselves. Queering the Narrative updates weekly on Fridays, and you can find it here.


Alongside my partner I make Gender Journeys, a podcast about just what the heck gender actually is in context. The focus is primarily on understanding trans issues and trans politics from the perspective of nonbinary individuals. I also sometimes write content for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, which you can find on DMs Guild or on my author profile on Reddit. If you want to stay up to date on my latest projects — or just say hi — you can follow me on Twitter @JosieKallo. You can also join my mailing list here!


Josie Kallo is currently represented by Matthew Belford of the Tobias Literary Agency.