The Price of Magic



I am currently querying my first novel, a 142,000 word Adult High Fantasy story entitled THE PRICE OF MAGIC

A well trained wizard has many scars – Girese has none. Despite his skill with mental magic, such as reading minds, weaving illusions, and fabricating memories, a childhood curse prevents him from using physical magic. Frustrated by this limitation, he has searched his whole life for a way to be rid of the curse.

Though it is a powerful and important tool, magic is pain in this world, and inflicts terrible injury on those who wield it. Burgeoning technology is replacing magic, and while many have embraced this industrial revolution, some consider it an affront to their culture. When Girese learns that a more magical country plans to use one of the Books, the most powerful artifacts in the world, against his home, he sees an opportunity. Believing a Book could free him from his curse, he concocts a plan to get one of them for himself.

To do this, he enlists the help of Ulher, an enigmatic being made of wind; Alesta, a gunslinging magical prodigy; and Mari, a tenacious refugee with a difficult past. But when the group becomes entangled in a conspiracy that could decide the fate of his country, Girese must decide between power and the people he loves.

The Price of Magic is an “#OwnVoices” novel for LGBTQ+ and Mental Health struggles. It contains a diverse cast of characters of varying backgrounds, ability/disability, gender, and sexuality. I wanted to write a story in which people who are queer, disabled, or otherwise underrepresented in the Fantasy genre could exist in a story without the entire plot revolving around their identities. In The Price of Magic, the characters’ identities are celebrated and normalized while they move through a unique fantasy setting.