Dungeons & Dragons

In addition to my short fiction, blogging, and articles, I also like to pass the time by making content for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It gives me the chance to practice my writing and world-building while also contributing to a wonderful gaming system.



Folk of Fur

A collection of wild character options!

A collection of beastfolk character options based on animals in our world. Play as the cunning Mustell, the loyal Hondfulk, the timid Loppamere, or the cosmopolitan Baskel! The book includes 4 playable races with 6 subrace options, a collection of racial feats, and a Variant Tabaxi template to make your Tabaxi characters more unique!

You can find Folk of Fur: Volume 1 on DMsGuild here!


The Haunted Watchtower

All is not as it seems at the Old Watchtower…

The people of Hower’s Del have been seeing strange things in the forest surrounding their sleepy village. The Old Watchtower deep in the woods would be the perfect place for them to form a garrison against the encroaching undead. There’s just one problem: The Old Watchtower is Haunted! 

The Haunted Watchtower is a two-hour adventure for 3rd-level characters. It contains two maps, as well as a brief write-up for a town the party can start their adventure in. The Haunted Watchtower can be used in just about any campaign setting. You can find it on DMs Guild!