Hiatus Time Again

Some folx may have noticed that it’s been a minute since I last updated Queering the Narrative. What started out as a holiday season break has dragged on a bit — between my new full-time job, the omicron surge, and a few other intersecting factors making the world just kinda scary in general, it’s been harder and harder for me to write. 

The sort of work I do for Queering the Narrative — especially delving into negative tropes about people in my community and trying to find clear, concise language to explain why those are harmful — is particularly tiring. That combines with the fact that I don’t really LOVE my website right now — it feels slow, bloated, chunky, and it doesn’t quite have the functionality I’d like it to.

I’m currently working on learning a bit more about web design, both to improve this blog and to potentially start working on a few other creative project ideas that have been brewing for a while. Until I get together a platform that I’m happy with, though, I’m going to be taking a break from QtN.

I don’t intend for this to be a permanent hiatus, but I also do think that the blog is going to look a little different when I come back to it. I’ll still dive into queer writing topics, examine specific identities and how to do right by them, and dive deep into tropes you might not even realize are happening around you. But I’ve got a lot of other work I want to get out there too — thoughts on my writing, on the publishing industry as a whole, on politics. These are things that aren’t necessarily on topic with the standard fare of QtN, but I’m getting tired of breaking myself up into consumable, marketable pieces. 

When I come back to QtN, my intention is to still post roughly once a week, but that won’t always be on specifically queer writing. I mean, I’m a writer and I’m extremely queer — pretty much everything that lands on QtN is going to be about one or both of those things in some way. But I’m not going to restrict myself to specifically and exclusively that content any more.

So keep an eye on this space to learn about New Collectivism, revitalizing web fiction, queer tropes you oughtta avoid, and much more!

Thanks for the grace and understanding. I’ll see y’all soon. Until then stay safe, stay healthy, and keep writing!

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