Going on Hiatus

Happy Friday everyone!

I know that last week I said I would be back today with a discussion about introducing gay characters — and I certainly do intend to write that in the near future — but unfortunately, life has somewhat gotten in the way of things over here at the Kallo household.

Mostly, it’s good and exciting things! I’m currently working with my wonderful agent to revise a manuscript that I’m incredibly excited about, which also happens to be super gay, so hopefully that’ll be something I can share about in this space in the near future.

Between those revisions, my new(ish) day job, and the Gender Journeys podcast, I unfortunately just don’t quite have the time and mental energy bandwidth to consistently brainstorm, outline, write, and edit weekly blog posts for Queering the Narrative.

Because of all that, I’m going to be taking a brief hiatus from the blog here, at least until I’ve finished my revisions. Hopefully it won’t be a long break, but hopefully soon I’ll have the mental space to really delve into some awesome examinations of how to write queer characters.

So, until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep writing!

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