2021: Goals and Reflections

Happy New Year!

Today, Queering the Narrative is taking a brief reprieve for reflection. Around this time last year, I was fundamentally rethinking my writing career, and so I wrote a blog post about my goals for 2020. Needless to say, 2020 did not go how I anticipated — but surprisingly, that was in both good and bad ways. 

Today, I want to both reflect on the goals I set for myself last year, and set some new goals for this year!


My goals last year were:

  • Get 150 Twitter followers
  • Put out 1 story a month
  • Put out 1 article a month
  • Appear in a professional fiction magazine
  • Write a novel
  • Update Queering the Narrative weekly

Some of these I definitely made, and that feels awesome! 150 Twitter followers seems like such a little baby number at this point, so that’s nice, though I definitely have not gotten any better at actually like… tweeting. I also did write an entire novel this year (which I’m currently doing some exciting revisions on!) AND I updated this blog very nearly weekly!

Two of those goals were made under the assumption that I was going to be fundamentally changing my approach to my fiction career. I was going to start positioning myself as a self-published author and try to garner a following by posting my short stories online. But then early in 2021, I was fortunate enough to connect with my agent, Matthew Belford at the Tobias Literary Agency, and that rekindled my hopes for a traditionally published writing career! My focus has since shifted back toward traditional publishing, and so I didn’t end up putting out stories every month — I was too busy working on my novels!

As for the articles: that was a victim of 2020. I was working with a local co-op and had planned to publish monthly articles with them, but the pandemic threw those plans into disarray. Combined with my new agent and the stress of the year, I was unable to keep up my one article a month. That’s one I do wish had been successful, but circumstances just didn’t quite allow for it.

The final one, to be published in a pro fiction magazine, I came so close to. I was published in a fiction anthology that was just barely not SFWA pro-rated. I got through multiple rounds of cuts at a handful of markets, but just didn’t quite make it. I got amazing feedback on my stories from some incredible editors. But through it all, unfortunately, I was unable to get published. But with how close I came, I’m confident it’s only a matter of time!


This year, I’m going to set the following goals for myself:

  • Finish my revisions and get a publishing deal

The novel that I wrote in 2020 was out on submission for the latter part of the year, and it got some really awesome feedback. I’m working on those revisions now, and my goal is to be finished with them by March/April of 2021. After that, the hope is that the revisions will earn me some sort of publishing deal. Maybe a lofty goal, but it’s definitely what I’m striving for!

  • Keep up my blog and podcast

This year, in addition to solidifying what I wanted to do with Queering the Narrative, my partner and I also started a new podcast called Gender Journeys. It’s my hope that I can continue making both of these and growing my following in them, because they’re a lot of fun to do and I personally think they could be helpful to folx!

  • Get published in a pro magazine

I just came so close to this one that I have to keep trying at it. I’ve got two shorts that I feel are really, really good quality that have both come very close to publication. I’ve got another few ideas that I think really have merit. I’ve been honing my fiction writing and editing skills. I really think 2021 is going to be the first year when I get a short story published in a pro magazine! (Or anthology, I’ll count that!)



So, those are my goals for this coming year! Hopefully things will improve overall, but either way I think that these goals are completely attainable for me, even the loftier and more exciting ones.

That’s it for this week! I’ll be back next week with a proper Queering the Narrative post, but until then stay safe, stay healthy, and keep writing!

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